Organic & Fairtrade

Organic & Fairtrade

Coconut oil has been 100% naturally produced in the Philippines for centuries. Most of the farming is still completely natural and organic – as it always has been. However some markets, such as the first world countries increasingly require third party organic certification. Something we want to explain a few things worth considering about.

a) Organic certification by a third party requires costly visits to each farm by the certification agencies. This usually leads to the most vulnerable farmers for economic reasons being left out. Our solution is to provide 100% Natural Premium Raw Virgin Coconut Oil. Our oil is pure with a delicious and creamy taste. There is no gluten, lactose or GMO and free from cholesterol and trans-fat. All to adapt to the most common market requirements. While at same time being able us to support the marginalized farmers by buying and pick-up directly at farm gate for a much higher price and not through middle man.

b) Regardless if the raw materials has being organically certified or not, the whole process to a finished product must be of the highest standard. This means training the staff according to Good Manufacturing Practice backed up by a dedicated team of in-house quality control and also that buildings, machinery and equipment are suitable for the production and are of a sufficiently high standard. We are completely transparent and invites gladly our partners to visit us where you can learn more.

c) Fairtrade is a trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency and respect that seeks greater equity. At the same time our coconut farmers are among the poorest of the population and need every help they can get. We have, after careful consideration, chosen to work with local government, organizations and cooperatives to directly support the coconut farmers – all to avoid the substantial costs associated with Fairtrade.


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