10 Reasons to Import Virgin Coconut Oil from the Philippines

Virgin coconut oil is one of the most amazing products available in the market today. This purest form of natural coconut oil contains antioxidants, Lauric Acid, Vitamin E and other powerful properties, which are proven to nourish our body, boost the immune system, treat diseases, and help maintain a beautiful body, hair and skin.

Selling virgin coconut oil (VCO) to consumers is a great business feat because doing such is equivalent to helping the world become healthy and beautiful naturally.

If you’re into a virgin coconut oil business, whether you’re selling VCO wholesale or retail, or using it as an essential ingredient of another product, finding a supplier whom you can always trust can be a tough task.

The Philippines, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Fiji, Samoa and other tropical countries are among the top exporters of virgin coconut oil in the world. If you’re importing virgin coconut oil to your country, whether you’re in Europe, America, Asia, Africa or Australia, here are some reasons why you should choose the Philippines as your premium VCO exporter and supplier.

1. Coconuts are traditionally grown organically in the Philippines.
You don’t need to worry about the nature of coconuts from the Philippines. The country is a tropical archipelago gifted with climate and environment where coconut trees grow naturally. Whether you’re in the mountains, farms or beaches, you will always see thriving coconut trees in the country.

2. The Philippines is one of the largest coconut producing countries in the world.
The volume of supply is not a problem in the Philippines. Next to Indonesia (total land area: 735,358 sq mi), the Philippines (total land area: 115,120 sq mi) is the world’s second largest country which produces coconuts. Of the total 12 million hectares agricultural land in the country, 3.5 million hectares are dedicated to coconut production. The Philippines produces an average of 15.207 billion nuts per year (source), and yet this output is only 30% of the country’s potential capacity according to the Philippine Coconut Authority (source).

3. The Philippines has already been supplying coconut products to the world for centuries.
When it comes to experience in trading coconut products, you can count on Filipinos. Since 1840, we were already trading coconut products with Chinese and Malay traders. In fact, during Spanish period, coconut fibres and coconut oil were used by the Spaniards in rigging their galleon and as a food for sailors plying the Manila-Acapulco galleon trade (source).

4. The Philippines is a coconut export-oriented country.
If you’re looking for an export-oriented supplier, the Philippines keeps its throne as the leader in the coconut export industry, having 59 percent share in the world coconut exports (source). Seventy percent of the total production in the country is exported to the international markets in the form of value-added coconut products.

5. The world chooses the Philippines as their top VCO supplier.
The world loves the Philippines as a virgin coconut oil supplier and exporter. In 2015, virgin coconut oil produced in the country were imported to 46 countries, including the United States, Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Japan, Belgium, United Kingdom, South Korea and Australia.

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6. Filipinos can testify the wonderful benefits of virgin coconut oil.
It’s best to buy from people who can prove the effectiveness of their products. For centuries, raw virgin coconut oil has already been used as a healthy food, a cure to illnesses, and a beauty solution in the Philippines. You can ask Filipinos, and they will tell you that their great grandmothers were using coconut oil to treat diseases and moisturize their skins and hairs.

7. The price of virgin coconut oil in the Philippines is reasonable.
A reasonable price is not only a price which is affordable but also something which you can get a great value for your money. If you want to balance affordability and quality, VCO manufacturers and exporters from the Philippines can give you a price that will help your business grow. Many small and medium VCO producers in the country may not invest in costly international organic certifications but they will invest in the utmost quality of their virgin coconut oil products to satisfy their customers and partners.

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8. You will be helping the lives of many Filipino coconut farmers.
If you like to show love to the world while doing business, you may want to search and find VCO manufacturers in the Philippines who are helping their local communities. There are 3.5 million coconut farmers in the Philippines and 25 million Filipinos are directly or indirectly employed by the country’s coconut industry (source). By choosing a virgin coconut oil partner who has a big heart with their community and local economy, you can surely do business with love.

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9. The production and trading of VCO is highly regulated in the Philippines.
The virgin coconut oil industry is an important industry in the Philippines. That is why the Philippine government is actively protecting and preserving it. The Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) under the Department of Agriculture is the government agency which regulates the production, marketing and export of coconut oil and other coconut products in the country. Coconut oil cannot be labelled as “virgin coconut oil” in the Philippines without passing the quality standards enforced by the PCA.

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10. VCO manufacturers from the Philippines are friendly and hospitable.
If you’re looking for VCO partners who will be happy to welcome and generously entertain you when you visit their place to cement a long-term business relationship, then you can’t go wrong with VCO manufacturers in the Philippines. Hospitality is the speciality of Filipinos and foreign residents in the country. With our hospitality and beautiful tourist attractions, you will surely enjoy your visit in the Philippines.

If you’re looking for a reliable exporter and bulk supplier of virgin coconut oil from the Philippines, choose Koko Oil. Leyte Koko Oil, Inc. is a premium and dedicated manufacturer of organically grown raw virgin coconut oil. We are a VCO company with a big heart for our community and environment. Our virgin coconut oil is made using the cold-pressed centrifuged process. This process ensures the preservation of all the oil’s natural antioxidants, vitamins and all of its health and nutritional properties.

Visit our contact page to contact us for your enquiries. We will also be honored and happy if you will personally visit our office and processing plant located in the small and peaceful barangay of Maanda, Leyte, Leyte in the Philippines to meet us, check our place, and discuss a long-term business partnership.

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