The Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil for Dogs, Cats and Other Pets

We treat our dogs, cats and other favorite pets as part of the family. We even invest a big chunk of our money to regularly bring them to the pet spa and grooming salon. When it comes to health and nutrition, we want to feed them only the foods that will make them super healthy and strong.

Virgin coconut oil is known as a super food for humans, as it is packed with vitamins and healthy fatty acids that boost our energy and regulates our body’s system (also read: 50 Health Benefits of Raw Virgin Coconut Oil). It’s also a natural healer due to its antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-protozoa properties which help us fight infections and other diseases. And of course its moisturizing effects and other beauty wonders also help us become more naturally beautiful (also read: 25 Beauty Benefits of Raw Virgin Coconut Oil).

But did you know that virgin coconut oil is not only for humans? This natural oil can also do wonders to your dogs, cats and other pets.

In fact, the health aspects of coconut oil were first observed in animals since scientists often use animals in their laboratory research. Studies have also shown that unlike many drugs and other treatments, virgin coconut oil is well tolerated causing some animals no harm. Just like human beings, pets also suffer from a variety of health problems. Thus, they can also glean benefits from virgin coconut oil from regular consumption to your pets grooming routine and daily diet.

Virgin coconut oil offers amazing benefits for some types of animals, especially the dogs and cats who need essential fats as part of their diet. If you’re a pet lover, check out the following health and nutritional benefits you and your pets can enjoy with raw virgin coconut oil.

1. Fight bacterial infections
Virgin coconut oil contains Lauric Acid, a type of fatty acid found in saturated-fat foods. It also provides beneficial fatty acids that have fat-burning, antimicrobial, antibacterial and hormone balancing properties. Thus, applying coconut oil to minor abrasions in your dogs and cats can help prevent infections. Expect your dog to lick the coconut oil you apply and may actually like its taste. But don’t worry since virgin coconut oil is definitely edible.

You may check out this 3 virgin coconut oil recipes for your dogs.

2. Heal wounds and prevent infections
Since virgin coconut oil is anti-microbial, applying a bit of it to the wounds will speed the healing process and prevent infection. This can also be used to treat bites, stings, minor scrapes and scratches, cracked paws and other wounds. It helps deodorize your pet’s skin, clear up some rashes and reduce inflammation as well.

3. Smooth and glossy coat
Virgin coconut oil is also an effective moisturizer not only for humans but also for some animals. If you want to give a smooth and shiny coat to your pets, you may use virgin coconut oil. You can also use it while giving your pet a good bath. Just massage it profoundly into the skin, from the top to the tip, dodging the pads on the bottoms of the feet but including tops of toes and toenails. Leave it for five minutes, then rebathe to extract excess oil and rinse quickly. This practice caters a consoling massage with oil, hydrates the skin and is safe if the pet licks it.

It will also help get rid of fleas and odors from your pet’s coat. If your pets are prone to allergies, applying a very thin layer of coconut oil to your pet’s coat can help fend off allergies.

4. Better digestive function
For a better digestive system function and better absorption from food your pets normally eats, virgin coconut oil does a great job. It also improves the digestion of your dog and becomes medicine for most digestive upsets. Moreover, it helps stabilize your pet’s appetite and metabolism. The fatty acid present in virgin coconut oil also increases the body’s ability to absorb nutrients from food.

5. Weight loss and weight control
Coconut oil provides energy boost and helps your pets lose weight. It is also known to stimulate the thyroid gland which in turns helps maintain a healthy weight and activity level, healthy metabolism and healthy joints.

Just like humans, it’s not also good for dogs and cats to be obese. Extra weight compromises a pet’s health, while increasing joint pain and making movement difficult.

6. Eliminate body odor and bad breath
Brushing your pet’s teeth using raw virgin coconut oil will help improve their breath and prevent oral infection, over-growth of odor-producing bacteria, yeast infections and gum diseases. Our loving dogs love to lick our hands and faces. Cute cats are also irresistibly kissable. Thus, if you want to keep a good oral hygiene for yourself and your happy pets, try virgin coconut oil.

7. Source of nutritious fats
Most commercial pet foods contain some fats. To provide a healthy boost of nutritious fatty acid with auxiliary health benefit, mixing a small amount of virgin coconut oil in your pet’s food is helpful. Pets like cats and dogs are carnivorous that requires a good amount of saturated fats in their diets, which they usually get from prey animals.

8. Ease achy joints
Old and over-weight pets tend to have some joint problems but worry no more, because virgin coconut oil can help reduce the discomfort of your pets. Coconut oil is not only naturally anti-inflammatory, it also provides good supply of healthy fats and nutrients which work to lubricate joints from the inside.

9. Treat mild gingivitis
Gingivitis or inflammation of the gums is the most common oral disease in cats and dogs. In order to treat mild gingivitis, you may put coconut oil on the gums daily so it can help reduce the pain and inflammation.

10. Hairball remedy
Coconut oil is a better hairball remedy for cats than the traditional hairball remedies which contains unhealthy mineral oil while coconut oil is a more healthful, non petroleum based lubricant. You can add a small amount of coconut oil in your cat’s food but if it still doesn’t work, dab some on the paw or nose.

11. Relieve constipation
There are a lot of reasons why your pet suffers from constipation. Some common causes include inadequate fiber intake, lack of exercise, blocked anal sacs, an enlarged prostate gland, obesity, side effects of medication, dehydration and orthopedic problems that cause pain during defecation.

It may also due to matted hair around the anus from lack of grooming, ingested items caught in the intestinal tract, and tumors on the anus.

However, adding raw virgin coconut oil to your pet’s food will help it eliminate the next morning because it is considered lubricant laxatives providing quick relief from constipation. You may read the reviews and comments in this page from people who have actually used virgin coconut oil effectively to cure their pet from constipation.

12. Balance hormones
Human-beings are not the only ones who are experiencing mood swings – your pets too. So if they are experiencing erratic mood swings, it maybe that their hormones are out of balance. However, once you try feeding your pet with virgin coconut oil, you may notice an improvement. This is because coconut oil contains healthy fats that are perfect for the synthesis of many hormones in both people and pets.

Important reminder
Before feeding or using virgin coconut oil to your pets, consult your veterinary first to ensure that your pets can get the full benefits of the oil. Remember that not all pets are the same. Just like humans, they also have their own unique physical and health conditions. Some vets may recommend virgin coconut oil for your pets because it’s safer and more natural than other medicines or supplements in the market. Others may not recommend it, especially if they find out that your pet may be allergic to virgin coconut oil.

Where to buy raw virgin coconut oil
Since virgin coconut oil is already one of the hottest products in the market and a lot of distributors and retailers are already making it available to end consumers, it is already available in most grocery shelves and drugstore worldwide. We at Koko Oil are mainly a bulk manufacturer and exporter of virgin coconut oil. If you’re looking for a bulk supplier of premium raw virgin coconut oil for your pet care business, you may contact us by visiting our contact page.

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The article above is for general information use only and doesn’t serve as a medical advice. To ensure the health and safety of your pets, always consult a veterinary before using coconut oil. Although raw virgin coconut oil has many known health and nutritional benefits for both humans and some animals, it is not ideal to solely rely on it. Remember that to achieve health and wellness for yourself and your pets, a combination of a healthy diet, proper exercise, adequate sleep, better environment and other factors must be observed.

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