Top 25 Amazing Health Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil

Raw virgin coconut oil can keep us beautiful inside and out. It’s not only packed with lots of health benefits but it also possesses many aesthetic wonders. VCO has become one of the beauty industry’s most sought after ingredients. Various cosmetic manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors around the world love to integrate it into their products, such as shampoo, hair conditioner, lotions, and even perfumes.

There are many great reasons why raw virgin coconut oil is highly valued by many cosmetic companies around the globe, and here are some of them.

1. It’s an effective skin moisturizer.
The medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) in virgin coconut oil naturally conditions our skin. We don’t need to be afraid to massage it all over our skin after we shower. We can also use this as a facial moisturizer. With regular use, our skin can become soft and supple.

2. It prevents premature aging.
Free radicals play a big role in the advancement of the aging process at the cellular level. Luckily, taking VCO, and also applying it on our skin delays signs of premature aging like wrinkles and graying hair.

3. It treats eczema.
Eczema can cause our skin to break out in blisters. Sometimes these can be itchy and would even bleed. VCO can be applied to the affected areas. Its antimicrobial properties reduce chances of infection in the area and help better wound healing. Its anti-inflammatory properties also help calm down the flare up.

4. It’s a natural make-up remover.
We all know that soap and water is simply not enough to remove make-up. The alcohol content of make-up removers on the other hand are drying to our skin. By using VCO to remove make up instead, the makeup glides off the skin smoothly plus it leaves the skin moisturized at the same time.

5. It’s a good remedy for acne.
Acne has many underlying causes. It is usually an issue with autoimmunity or a possible candida overgrowth. VCO is rich in lauric acid and caprylic acid which are medium chain fatty acids. If VCO is applied religiously, these two medium chain fatty acids will act as powerful antifungal and antibacterial agents on our skin.

6. It makes hair soft and shiny.
VCO keeps hair soft, frizz free and shiny. VCO can be used for deep hair conditioning by applying it on the hair for one hour before rinsing it out and using shampoo and conditioner as usual. It can also be left on the hair overnight for a really nice intensive hair mask. The fatty acids in the virgin coconut oil deeply condition the hair from roots to tips. It provides the hair with needed nutrients to make hair healthier.

7. It prevents split ends and makes hair stronger.
The only way of getting rid of split ends is by cutting them off. It can’t be repaired. The practical thing to do is to prevent it from happening. This can be done by deep conditioning the hair with raw virgin coconut oil after shower.

8. It’s an effective dandruff treatment.
Dandruff is often caused by a yeast-like fungus called Malasezzia. In an attempt to get rid of the fungus, the scalp has this inflammatory reaction where it sheds more dried flaky skin at a faster than usual rate. One way to control this is to exploit the anti-inflammatory property of VCO.

9. It’s a natural sunscreen.
VCO is a natural sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 4 protection. It also has antioxidants which shields the skin from the sun’s harmful radiation.

10. It soothes sunburn.
Virgin coconut oil gives a soothing relief to itchy and tingly sunburn. It can also be applied on the skin regularly to keep it moisturized and protected.

11. It helps lose weight.
The fatty acids in the virgin coconut oil destroy candida, a yeast overgrowth that triggers weight gain, carbs craving and fatigue. When the VCO is ingested, the MCT in it is converted to back up energy. This slightly increase metabolic rate and reduce appetite. It also causes a modest reduction in belly fat.

12. It prevents ugly scars.
To speed up wound healing and prevent ugly scars, VCO can be applied to the wound regularly. It is a natural antiseptic and is effective against the very dangerous Staphylococcus aureus bacteria.

13. It boosts our immune system.
Virgin coconut oil contains lauric acid, a substance that can also be found in breast milk. Lauric acid is turned to monolaurin in the body which is a powerful virus and gram-negative bacteria destroyer. As a monoglyceride, it can effectively destroy lipid-coated viruses including measles, influenza, HIV, herpes and a number of pathogenic bacteria. When our immunity is high this gives us a better quality of life. This exudes in our glow of health which is one of the top marks of beauty.

14. It treats fungal infections.
Its anti-fungal properties make it a good treatment for fungal infections like tinea flava, athlete’s foot, ringworm and Candida albicans, which can also cause acne. Skin fungal infections mar our outside beauty.

15. It prevents bad body odor.
The coconut fragrance has a distinct smell. Some people love it, some don’t. But in recent years, cosmetic manufacturers are adding it to colognes and other fragrance products. VCO can also be used as a deodorant. Yes, you heard it right!

16. It whitens our teeth.
If you have heard of the ancient Ayurvedic technique of oil pulling, one of its benefits is a whiter set of teeth. This method requires swishing VCO in our mouth for about 20 minutes each morning.

17. It freshens our breath.
Fresh breath is also one of the benefits of oil pulling. The oil pulls out the bacteria living in our gums and teeth.

18. It gives a good shave.
The oil makes a perfect alternative to shaving cream. A small amount of VCO can go a long way unlike a shaving cream. A plus on this method is the skin is moisturized while shaving.

19. It prevents chapped lips.
Extreme cold temperature often causes our lips to dry and chap. By spreading a thin layer of coconut oil on our lips, chapped or cracked lips can by prevented. Not only does it moisturizes and hastens skin healing, it also has UV protection.

20. It helps us get a flatter tummy.
People who suffer from diabetes, obesity, gallbladder disease or Chrohn’s disease may benefit from the MCT molecules found in the oil. These minute substances are easily digested. It does not strain the pancreas and digestive system. Its caprylic acid or octanoic acid content has a number of health promoting properties and the innate ability to treat yeast-like fungus in the intestines so people do not bloat.

21. It lightens scars, dark spots and stretch marks.
Raw virgin coconut oil helps reduce the appearance of scars, dark spots and stretch marks because it penetrates deeper into the human skin. The saturated fats strengthen the cell walls and fights free radicals to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

22. It reduces eye bags and dark circles.
If you are tired of the cucumber eye bag technique, try applying VCO under the eyes before going to bed at night and wake up refreshed in the morning.

23. It’s a natural lubricant.
Yes you read that right. VCO can also be used as an all-natural lubricant sans the harmful chemicals linked to commercial lubricants.

24. It makes the heart healthy.
The fat contained in the virgin coconut oil helps improve our cholesterol profile. The good cholesterol or HDL helps protect us from heart attacks and stroke.

25. It makes us happier.
A study conducted in Malaysia, which was published in the journal Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine said that using a high quality virgin coconut oil has the same beneficial effects of antidepressant drugs without the dangerous side effects. This is attributed to the mixture of MCT’s , saturated fats, and antioxidants present in VCO’s. Virgin coconut oil is also often used as a massage oil to gently massage the pressure points in the body. It helps lessen stress and anxiety. When we are not stressed, we are happier, which makes us smile more and a smile is always the best beauty accessory.

The Philippines is one of the leading suppliers and exporters of high quality virgin coconut oil in the world. If you’re planning to import or buy raw virgin coconut in bulk for your cosmetic or beauty products, it’s best to get it from a premium VCO manufacturer in the Philippines.

About Koko Oil
At Leyte Koko Oil, we are dedicated in manufacturing organically grown raw virgin coconut oil to give you not only all the nutraceutical but also all the natural cosmetic benefits of this wonder oil from nature. Our manufacturing plant at Leyte, Leyte in the Philippines produces virgin coconut oil using the cold-pressed centrifuged process with the utmost quality standards. If you are interested to buy in bulk from us and become one of our valued partners, visit our contact page to connect with us.

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