100 Uses of Virgin Coconut Oil for Health, Nutrition, Wellness and Beauty

The healthiest food, best medicines and most effective beauty solutions are the ones which are natural and already proven for hundreds or even thousands of years. They are usually safe to use without worrying of harmful side effects, and they are often the most affordable in the market.

As a tropical country, the Philippines have been blessed with the abundance of coconuts and almost everyone knows the benefits of this wonder tree, from its roots to its leaves. We can mention a wide variety of uses for coco products but not everyone realizes the wonders of a particular product that coconuts offer – its purest form of oil… virgin coconut oil.

Did you know that virgin coconut oil is rich in medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs)/triglycerides (MCTs)? These fatty acids, particularly lauric, capric and caprylic acids, carry an overwhelming list of nutraceutical benefits. They are antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antiprotozoal properties which boost our immune system and help fight against diseases. This all natural oil is also loaded with antioxidants and vitamins which make it considerably the healthiest oil on Earth.

It is no wonder why virgin coconut oil or VCO is one of the hottest commodities in the global market today. Many consumers are looking for them in grocery shelves while retailers and distributors are continuously searching for their manufacturers and bulk suppliers.

So what are the uses of virgin coconut oil? The following are some of its known uses and benefits for health, nutrition, total wellness and natural beauty.

Virgin Coconut Oil for Natural Health Home Remedies

1. Use virgin coconut oil to reduce the symptoms of arthritis (source).

2. Get rid of head lice by applying virgin coconut oil to your hair regularly, together with apple cider vinegar, garlic, lemon or tea tree oil (source).

3. Use it to manage menopause symptoms (source).

4. It may also help you eradicate H. pylori infections (source).

5. Use it to reduce benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), also known as enlarged prostate (source).

6. Use it to moisturizer and treat the inflammation of a newly-inked skin (source).

7. Comfort your baby by using virgin coconut oil to treat diaper rash (source).

8. Add it to baby bath to help your little one keep soft and smooth skin (source).

9. Make a natural vapor rub using virgin coconut oil (source).

10. Use virgin coconut oil as a natural sunscreen rather than using toxic sunscreens in the market (source).

11. If you forgot to use sunblock and you got sunburn, use virgin coconut oil to cure it (source).

12. Treat cellulitis by using VCO’s antibacterial properties that fight against cellulitis-causing bacteria, such as streptococcus and staphylococcus.

13. Manage your allergies using virgin coconut oil. Coconut oil increases growth of gut probiotics which kill bad bacteria that cause the overproduction of histamine. The lessening of histamine overproduction may lower the likelihood of allergens.

14. Get rid of candida and inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract which spread to the lungs and cause asthma symptoms.

15. Utilize the antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and healing properties of virgin coconut oil to heal minor wounds at home (source).

16. Use it to naturally ward off insects (source).

17. Relieve bug bites and itchiness (source).

18. Apply virgin coconut oil on the affected area of the skin to treat eczema (source).

19. Use virgin coconut oil as a natural wart remover (source).

20. Combat adrenal fatigue using raw virgin coconut oil (source).

21. Use virgin coconut oil for Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) treatment and maintaining a healthy urinary system (source).

22. Relieve itchiness from chicken pox and reduce its scars (source).

23. Rub virgin coconut oil on the skin affected by poison ivy to stop the itching, swelling and irritation (source).

24. Get relief from acid reflux and heartburn (source).

25. Speed up the healing of canker sore (source).

26. Cure cold sore and prevent it from coming again (source).

27. Use virgin coconut oil as a natural cure for hemorrhoids (source).

28. Naturally treat pink eye or conjunctivitis with virgin coconut oil (source).

29. Use it as a natural eye lubricant to prevent dryness. VCO’s active moisturizing properties promote the production of natural tears.

30. Use the antibacterial and antiviral properties of virgin coconut oil to cure ear infections (source).

31. Remove your earwax safely and naturally using virgin coconut oil (source).

32. Get rid of nail fungus or athletes foot by rubbing VCO on the affected area (source).

33. Practice virgin coconut oil pulling regularly to maintain healthy teeth, gums, mouth and fresh breath (source).

34. Apply VCO on your bruises to quickly reduce swelling, and promote faster healing (source).

35. Fight the fungi that cause ringworm (source).

36. Use virgin coconut oil together with ginger for aromatherapy (source).

37. Make your own natural toothpaste using baking soda and virgin coconut oil (source).

38. Fight the flu and its symptoms sore throat, runny nose and cough using VCO (source).

39. Use virgin coconut oil as a natural and safe nipple cream during breastfeeding to prevent dryness while keeping them safe from infection (source).

40. Make your DIY natural lip balm at home with virgin coconut oil (source).

41. Make your natural homemade deodorant (source).

42. Make your own coconut oil soap for moisturizing and cleansing your skin (source).

43. Self manage diabetes by maintaining a natural and healthy diet with virgin coconut oil (source).

44. Take virgin coconut oil as a natural laxative and safely manage your constipation (source).

45. Give your tired feet a warm and soothing footbath with three tablespoons of VCO and half a cup of mixed spice (source).

46. Apply virgin coconut oil to your nostrils to prevent nasal dryness (source).

Virgin Coconut Oil for Food and Nutrition

47. Use virgin coconut oil as a healthier substitute for butter (source).

48. Make your own caffe latte with virgin coconut oil. (source)

49. Have a healthy and delicious ice cream with virgin coconut oil (source).

50. Make a virgin coconut oil mayonnaise (source).

51. Use it for healthy cooking. Unlike vegetable and canola oils, VCO doesn’t oxidize and it remains stable in high heat cooking because of its saturated fat content and antioxidants.

52. Use virgin coconut oil as a natural non-sticking agent and a baking fat for your cakes, cookies and pantries (source).

53. Use virgin coconut oil as a healthy and tasty alternative to any frying oil. Its performance doesn’t deteriorate even after 8 hours of continuous deep frying at 365°F (180°C) (source).

54. Use it to energize your workout. Mix 1 tbsp of virgin coconut oil into your sports drink for an energetic workout (source).

55. Boost your calcium absorption and have stronger bones by regularly taking VCO (source).

56. Get more magnesium for your body with virgin coconut oil (source).

57. Enrich mother’s milk with lauric acid found in virgin coconut oil.

58. Use it for homemade infant formula. VCO’s fat content is easy to digest and absorb for babies (source).

59. Use VCO as a basic ingredient in making natural and healthy chocolates (source).

60. Use virgin coconut oil to make fresh nut butter at home (source).

61. Make mouth-watering smoothies with VCO (source).

62. Easily cook delicious virgin coconut oil popcorn (source).

63. Apply a thin coat of VCO to extend the shelf life of your favorite and fresh eggs (source).

64. Use virgin coconut oil as a natural mild sweetener instead of the unhealthy refined sugar.

65. Just eat it by a spoonful. If you like the sweet mild taste and aroma of a coconut, then you can simply eat a spoonful of virgin coconut oil each morning to enjoy its nutritional and health benefits.

Virgin Coconut Oil for Total Wellness 

66. Take a teaspoon of virgin coconut oil daily to boost your immune system (source).

67. Have a balanced diet by using VCO as a healthier substitute to other edible oils.

68. Speed up your metabolism with virgin coconut oil. VCO contains medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs) that are quickly converted into energy rather than stored as fat in the body.

69. Fight obesity, diabetes and manage your weight by taking VCO which helps control your cravings.

70. Use all natural raw virgin coconut oil to detoxify your body (source).

71. Comfort your body and mind and get rid of stress by using VCO for massage therapy (source).

72. Increase your high density lipoprotein (HDL) or good cholesterol by taking VCO (source).

73. Prevent hypertension and rise in blood pressure by supplementing raw virgin coconut oil which is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E (source).

74. Regulate the body’s sugar level and protect it against insulin resistance by taking VCO (source).

75. Guard your liver by taking VCO, which has active properties that protect it from the toxic effects induced by toxic antibiotic drugs (source).

76. Take care of your pancreas. Taking VCO eases the pancreas since the medium chain fatty acids in it don’t need the pancreatic enzymes to break it down.

77. Take the easy digestible virgin coconut oil to ease your gallbladder and improve symptoms of gallbladder disease.

78. Consume VCO daily to prevent kidney diseases which is caused by immune system disorder.

79. Take advantage of the antimicrobial and anticarcinogenic properties of virgin coconut oil which may prevent the spread of cancer cells in the body.

80. Take VCO daily to improve your blood circulation (source).

81. Enjoy the healthy fats of virgin coconut oil for your healthy brain (source).

82. Always have a good night sleep by taking VCO daily to regulate your body functions night and day (source).

Virgin Coconut Oil for Natural Beauty Applications

83. Moisturize your hair and scalp. Aside from preventing dandruff, virgin coconut oil can make your hair smooth, shiny and silky (source).

84. Apply a little virgin coconut oil to the ends of your hair to prevent split ends or hair damage (source).

85. Use virgin coconut oil to help your hair grow (source).

86. Have a softer, smoother and healthier skin with VCO (source).

87. Treat and prevent acne with virgin coconut oil (source).

88. Puffiness around the eyes? Apply a small amount of virgin coconut oil around your eyes before you sleep, you will look more radiant.

89. Use it as a natural facial wash or cleanser (source).

90. Create your own natural face mask with raw virgin coconut oil and honey (source).

91. Use it as a natural and chemical-free shaving cream (source).

92. It can be used as an aftershave, too. Aside from a good preparatory agent for shaving, using it as an alternative to aftershave cream can help sooth cuts and irritation caused by the razor.

93. Mix virgin coconut oil with baking soda for facial exfoliation. Following a 1-to-10 ratio and applying it on your face can be an effective exfoliating agent. The mixture can remove all kinds of dirt, as well as dead skin cells.

94. Remove your makeup with virgin coconut oil (source).

95. Apply it to your eyelashes to grow thicker and longer (source).

96. Use VCO for feet exfoliation. A mixture of coconut oil and a little amount of coarse sea salt proved to be an effective agent to soften the soles of your feet.

97. Get healthy cuticles (source).

98. Prevent and erase stretch marks (source).

99. Get rid of your spider veins with virgin coconut oil (source).

100. Prevent age spots and other skin discoloration from ageing in a natural way (source).

Other Uses

Did you know that you can also use virgin coconut oil to maintain the health, nutrition and wellness of your pets? Just like the benefits it gives to humans, VCO also helps cats and dogs boost immune system, improve metabolism, have a healthy digestive system, and fight infections (source).

These are just a few of the many wonders you can do with virgin coconut oil to boost and maintain the health, wellness and natural beauty of your loved ones and the people you care about.

What Type of Virgin Coconut Oil to Use?

To ensure that you get the full benefits of virgin coconut oil, choose organically grown raw virgin coconut oil which is made using the cold pressed process to ensure that the oil is not altered but remains in its most natural form.

Where to Buy Virgin Coconut Oil?

Virgin coconut oil is available in many groceries and malls worldwide. But if you are planning to buy or import virgin coconut oil in bulk for your wholesale or retail business, Koko Oil is passionate to serve you.

Leyte Koko Oil, Inc. or Koko Oil is a premium manufacturer and exporter of 100% organically grown raw virgin coconut oil from the Philippines using the cold pressed process and centrifuged method. We are dedicated in manufacturing virgin coconut oil which is unrefined, unbleached, non-deodorized, non-hydrogenated, and free-from any GMO ingredients and chemicals. Our pure and premium VCO has no gluten, lactose or GMO which makes it very suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Be our happy and valued long-term business partner now by contacting us using our contact page. You may also visit our place and manufacturing plant located in the small and peaceful barangay of Maanda in Leyte, Leyte, Philippines to personally meet us and experience the utmost quality of our virgin coconut oil.


Important disclaimer: The health and beauty topics above are for general information purposes only. While there are actual studies and stories proving the benefits of virgin coconut oil, always consult with your physician or medical professional before using VCO to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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