Virgin Coconut Oil Process

We just do one thing, but we do it with love!

Some people call us boring by just doing one thing but we have a true passion for what we do – Premium Raw Virgin Coconut Oil, the most edible and healthy oil in the world. Our Premium Raw Virgin Coconut Oil is derived through a “wet-milling” process in our Mill being of the absolute highest industry standard. With this method, the oil is extracted from 100% natural fresh coconut meat without any heating. “Coconut milk” is extracted first by pressing it from the wet coconut meat or Sapal which it’s called in the Philippines. The oil is then further separated from the water which involves using fermentation to separate the oil from the other liquids. The Cold Process – Fermentation method ensures that the oil is not altered but remains in its natural form. Our oil is unrefined, unbleached, non-deodorized, non-hydrogenated, free-from any GMO ingredients and chemicals.

In order to meet the highest industry standards we only use 100% naturally grown, matured, non-hybrid, hand-picked coconuts. Our Premium Raw Virgin Coconut Oil has a pure color, looking like crystal water, sweet and mild in taste, and has retained its natural sweet aroma. It has a guaranteed shelf life of more than 2 years. There is no gluten, lactose, or GMO which makes it very suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

virgin coconut oil products

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