Where to Buy Raw Virgin Coconut Oil in Bulk in the Philippines

Organically grown raw virgin coconut oil (VCO) is packed with hundreds of nutritional, health and beauty benefits. It can be a super food, a home remedy for several diseases, and a natural cosmetic regimen. No wonder why this wonder oil has become one of the hottest commodities in the global market.

If you’re a manufacturer, distributor or a retailer of health and beauty products, you are probably looking for a supplier of premium raw virgin coconut oil whom you can trust for buying in bulk order.

Importing or buying virgin coconut oil in bulk is more practical, especially if you are only getting the oil as a raw material for your own products, such as flavoured foods and cosmetics. Bulk ordering is also less expensive if you are wholesaling VCO to retail them to your target market.

Usually, you can arrange with VCO manufacturers and exporters to do the packaging and labelling of your order. Alternatively, you may tap a reliable packaging company in the area near you if you are distributing or selling virgin coconut oil using your own brand.

Where to find virgin coconut oil manufacturers online
Most virgin coconut oil manufacturers have their own websites and social media pages. You can also use Google and other search engines to search for VCO companies. A number of VCO exporters are also members of B2B marketplaces like Alibaba and Tradekey, which are among the top marketplaces for exporters and importers worldwide.

However, remember that not everything you find on the Internet is real. Beware of fake VCO manufacturers.

How to tell if a virgin coconut oil manufacturer is real or fake?
A genuine and reliable VCO manufacturer has an actual manufacturing plant, a well-trained team of management and workers, and a complete set of business operating permits and licenses.

Be careful of companies who claim themselves as VCO manufacturers but in reality they don’t have an actual factory or plant to produce virgin coconut oil.

To determine if a VCO manufacturer is real or fake, visit their website, get information about the company, check the business if it’s duly registered, and talk to the owners or management. Further, for a long-term business partnership, visit their place to see the actual manufacturing plant and get to know the people behind it.

Why import virgin coconut oil from the Philippines
Gifted with the perfect climate as a tropical country, the Philippines is one of the largest coconut-producing countries in the world. The country is also the world’s leading exporter of coconut products, particularly virgin coconut oil.

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Global importers and distributors of virgin coconut oil choose manufacturers from the Philippines for many reasons, such as the quality of coconuts produced in the country and the readiness to supply their required demands.

Where to buy virgin coconut oil in bulk in the Philippines
If you are looking for 100% organically grown premium raw virgin coconut oil to buy in bulk, look no further. At Leyte Koko Oil, we produce virgin coconut oil through an automated “wet-milling” process in our factory, which was built with utmost quality industry standard. Our oil is extracted from fresh coconut meat without any heating. We use a state-of-the-art centrifuge to separate the oil from the other liquids. Our cold process method also ensures that the oil is not altered but remains in its purest natural form.

We specialize in fulfilling bulk orders of virgin coconut oil with a minimum quantity of 1 pallet. For more information, visit our terms and price page or download our Export Packaging Brochure. You may reach us thru the email addresses, contact numbers and quick contact form found in our contact page.

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