Why Choose Cold Pressed Centrifuged Raw Virgin Coconut Oil

Choosing the best virgin coconut oil (VCO) in the market can be tricky. Whether you’re using it for your own consumption or for your business, you have to ensure that it is pure, clean, and packed with all of its natural nutraceutical properties and beauty benefits.

Some manufacturers will brand their virgin coconut oil as “extra virgin” yet there’s no real difference between “extra virgin” and “virgin” coconut oil but an advertorial labelling. And when it comes to organic certification, many VCO manufacturers in the developing countries like the Philippines cannot afford its expensive cost requirements though the coconuts they use are 100% organically grown and their production is done with the highest quality control standard.

Virgin coconut oil can be extracted using two basic processes, namely fresh-dry process and fresh-wet process. The fresh-dry process involves drying the coconut milk before extracting VCO. On the other hand, the fresh-wet process extracts the coconut milk from fresh coconut meat without drying or heating and then by using a centrifuge system the oil is further separated from other remaining liquids to produce virgin coconut oil in its most natural form.

At Koko Oil, we are dedicated to the production of premium raw virgin coconut oil from 100% organically grown coconuts from the Philippines using the fresh-wet or cold pressed process involving a centrifuge system. If you’re looking for the highest quality of VCO available in the market, here are 10 reasons why you should choose cold pressed, centrifuged raw virgin coconut oil for your personal and business needs.

1. It’s raw and pure.
The wet-milling process extracts oil from organically grown fresh coconut meat without any drying or heating. The oil is then further separated from the water using a fast centrifuge leaving only 100% raw, natural and pure virgin coconut oil. Because this method requires least amount of processing and doesn’t involve drying and heating, the oil is not altered but remains in its most natural form, thereby producing the best quality of virgin coconut oil available in the market.

2. It retains all the nutrients and anti-oxidants.
Virgin coconut oil made a spotlight in the global market due to its nutraceutical and beauty benefits. It is rich in medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs) with lauric acid, a fatty acid found in mother’s milk and used in most infant formulas due to its properties that help babies boost their immune system. VCO also contains vitamin E and anti-oxidants which help us maintain good health and prevent diseases.

Of course not all virgin coconut oil are created equal. Its quality depends on the process and method of its production. With cold pressed centrifuged method of producing virgin coconut oil, the coconut oil is made in its purest form, ensuring that all of its natural health, food and beauty benefits are retained.

3. It has the best quality of coconut oil with natural taste and aroma.
The integration of cold pressed method and centrifuge system doesn’t only retain the nutrients and vitamins of coconut oil but it also preserves the natural flavour of the coconut, giving the oil a delicious natural taste, mild sweet aroma, and a crystal clear liquid color.

4. It has a longer shelf life.
Unlike the fermentation method of producing virgin coconut oil which involves heating near the boiling point of water, the cold pressed centrifuged method neither involves drying nor heating. With this method, the oil is made free from moisture content and contaminants, making it very stable. It has a guaranteed shelf life of more than 2 years, which is longer than virgin coconut oil produced using the fermentation method.

5. It is made with utmost quality control standard.
Only few virgin coconut oil producers choose the centrifuge system because it requires higher cost of investment. The VCO manufacturers who use such system are usually dedicated to serious business and adhere to high industry quality control standards. It is no wonder why centrifuged virgin coconut oil may be sold with a more expensive price tag than other types of coconut oil in the market.

6. It’s clean and hygienic.
Virgin coconut oil is commonly used as a food supplement. Therefore, cleanliness must be a top priority during its production, handling, packaging and storage to avoid contamination with dirt, rubbish and harmful micro-organisms. We’re not saying that virgin coconut oil made in small scale operations or in households are unclean, but most VCO manufacturers using a centrifuge system like Leyte Koko Oil invest heavily on implementing plan and quality control procedures to ensure the sanitation of the production area, processing equipment, storage area, delivery equipment, and the hygiene of the personnel.

7. It’s great for variety of applications.
Whether you are using virgin coconut oil for your own consumption or as a raw material for your food, health or beauty products, cold pressed centrifuge VCO has the taste and aroma that will satisfy your own craving and a pure and raw essence that will make your products more amazing. It’s great for cooking, baking and dressing up your desserts. It’s also a perfect ingredient for your food, health or cosmetic products.

8. It’s perfect for vegans.
The cold pressed centrifuge method doesn’t involve drying or heating and it ensures that the oil is not altered but remains in its most natural form. Because the virgin coconut oil is produced in its purest form, the oil is unrefined unbleached, non-deodorized and non-hydrogenated. It is also free from gluten, lactose or GMO which makes it very suitable for vegetarians.

9. It’s the healthiest oil for cooking.
Coconut oil, whether it’s virgin coconut oil or regular coconut oil, can withstand higher temperatures than any other natural oils like olive oil and vegetable oils. Coconut oil remains stable and doesn’t form trans-fatty acids or oxidize at high temperatures. Of course, with cold pressed centrifuged premium raw virgin coconut oil, you have the healthiest stable cooking oil on the planet.

10. It’s ideal for your business.
The combination of cold pressed and centrifuged method of producing virgin coconut oil requires high investment and business dedication. If you’re looking for a serious VCO supplier, exporter and partner, who can supply you the highest quality of virgin coconut oil for your business, a VCO manufacturer who produces premium cold pressed, centrifuged raw virgin coconut oil is the best in the market. Such manufacturer also normally produces virgin coconut oil in bulk to fill your large demand.

At Leyte Koko Oil, we are devoted in manufacturing 100% organically grown premium raw virgin coconut oil using the cold pressed and centrifugation method to ensure that our partners and clients will get the highest value for their money. We also supply and export VCO in bulk to our business partners worldwide. For more details, visit our Terms and Price page or download our Export Packaging Brochure. You may contact us thru the email addresses, telephone numbers and quick contact form found in our contact page.

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