12 Qualities of a Premium Virgin Coconut Oil Manufacturer

Virgin coconut oil (VCO) is without a doubt one of the hottest commodities in the global market today. With its hundreds of nutraceutical and aesthetic benefits, this nature’s wonder oil is considered by many people as the healthiest oil on the planet. It’s no wonder why many entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world have jumped into this lucrative industry and started their own VCO companies.

Many VCO suppliers and exporters have promoted themselves as premium virgin coconut oil manufacturers to attract more buyers. But what does it really mean to be a premium virgin coconut oil producer?

If you’re looking for a long-term VCO business partner, here are 12 qualities or attributes of a genuine premium virgin coconut oil manufacturer that you should know.

1. Authenticity
A premium virgin coconut oil manufacturer is a duly registered and licensed business in its country of origin. In the Philippines, a genuine VCO domestic corporation is registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), the local government offices, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA).

An authentic VCO manufacturing company also has a real manufacturing plant, which produces high quality virgin coconut oil. Hence, a visit to your future VCO manufacturing partner is a great move to identify if he or she is actually manufacturing virgin coconut oil or only getting it from other producers whom you might not know.

2. Transparency
The best virgin coconut oil producers in the world have nothing to hide. They are proud of their products and are happy to show how they are made. They will give you complete information about their company, products, place and people. They also provide enlightening information in their websites, social media pages, company brochures and other platforms. And most importantly, you are very welcome to visit their place at your most convenient time.

3. Honesty
The finest VCO manufacturers don’t make exaggerated claims in their marketing messages. They are true to their promises. They promote their businesses by building long-term trust and confidence with their partners and customers.

4. Excellence
They make virgin coconut oil with perfection. Utmost quality is strictly observed from picking the raw materials to the delivery of the finished products to consumers. The people involved in the production of virgin coconut oil are also constantly trained to ensure that quality control procedures are met in all levels of production.

The excellence of a premium virgin coconut oil company is not only seen thru its certifications but it is importantly experienced by its consumers. There may be virgin coconut oil products that were certified as “organic” yet they’re not completely organic. On the other hand, there may be VCO products from developing countries which were not certified as “organic” yet they are actually 100% organic. Hence, quality and excellence must be a substance over form.

5. Cleanliness
Premium virgin coconut oil manufacturers ensure that everything is clean and uncontaminated. They follow a strict quality control when it comes to the sanitation of its place, processes and equipment, and the hygiene of its people.

6. Eco-friendliness
They love Mother Nature. When you visit and tour around their manufacturing plant, you can experience a green environment with a breeze of fresh air. Premium virgin coconut oil manufacturing companies also strive to implement zero waste management to ensure the future of our planet.

7. Social responsibility
Top VCO companies take care of its community. They provide jobs with quality compensation and remit exact taxes to the government to advance the local economy. They strongly adhere to fair trade to make sure that everyone involved in the industry, including the farmers, are getting their best share. They also accomplish charitable causes like helping the society to improve the health, education and well-being of its people.

8. Focus
They are passionate and dedicated to the production of high-quality virgin coconut oil. Premium raw and pure virgin coconut oil is their main product, not their secondary product.

9. Inspiration
World-class virgin coconut oil producers inspire their stakeholders and even their competitors. They do their best to become leaders in the industry. They serve as role models of quality and excellence to other VCO manufacturers.

10. Innovation
They adapt to the latest breakthroughs and technologies to keep their products and services getting even better. They invest in research and development to keep their business innovating and make their virgin coconut oil more satisfying.

11. Extraordinariness
They’re not ordinary and boring manufacturers. They always surprise their partners and customers by providing them virgin coconut oil products and services beyond expectations. They ensure that their consumers will be happy before, during and after the sale.

12. Empowerment
Finally, premium virgin coconut oil manufacturers do not only grow themselves, but they also ensure that their workers, partners, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders grow and succeed with them.

Leyte Koko Oil is a premium virgin coconut oil manufacturer with office address and manufacturing plant at Brgy. Maanda, Leyte, Leyte, Philippines. We are dedicated and passionate in manufacturing 100% organically grown premium raw virgin coconut oil using the cold-pressed and centrifugation method. We also supply and export VCO in bulk to our business partners worldwide.

For more details, visit our terms and price page or download our Export Packaging Brochure. You may also visit our contact page to reach us thru our email addresses, telephone numbers and quick contact form.

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